Anyone can use Holistic Software Development for free but only our HSD Accredited Partners are recommended by us. They have passed our in depth behavioral accreditation process and so have proven knowledge of HSD and adoption best practices. Our partners have a proven track record in successful technical business change and software process improvement.

HSD Accredited Partner status cannot be simply bought and is not based on a multiple choice quiz after a few days of a course. Our Accredited Partners can be trusted to be HSD Experts.

Could you be the next HSD Accredited Partner?

Contact us to find out more about being an Accredited Partner. Our partner benefits include:

  • Valuable HSD Accreditation status
  • No risk, high value non-traditional partnership and collaboration model
  • A profile with logo, links and social media links on the HSD website
  • HSD Adoption Sales Leads – you own your leads and some of ours!
  • Unlimted access to official HSD training material, workshop materials and positioning materials
  • Unlimited access to official HSD marketing material
  • Access to our partners only areas for expert discussion, co-partnering opportunities and lead exchange

The details on the non-traditional HSD Accredited Partner program are publicly available on the Holistic Software Consulting Ltd. website.

HSD Partners

Our first candidate partners are currently going through accreditation – do you have the skills and experience to join them?

Markus Wagner

Markus has been in IT for 22 years. He was one of the early adopters of UML and OO programming in Germany. He became an expert on the Rational Tool Suite and went on to become a methodology consultant for RUP.

Markus is passionate about making software engineering more efficient. As of about 10 years ago, he has been working with a diverse range of agile approaches for different customers, alternating between the role of a methodology mentor and a manager and software architect. Markus believes that in order to become more efficient as a mentor, one has to constantly try out and improve the models and approaches a mentor follows. This is why he is programming in Java and Objective-C/Cocoa.

Markus believes that a big source of efficiency in engineering is the bridging of the ways people express their thoughts and understand each other, and that agile approaches like Scrum, but especially HSD help in that area.