Metric: Organizational Health

 The Metrics and Reporting View looks at the various feedback cycles, metrics and reports in Holistic Software Development.

Organizational Health is difficult to measure, as it is dependent on the definition of health for each particular organization. We recommend tracking the trends of top-level Bubble-Up issues, both positive and negative to provide an indicator of what’s important across the organizing. Changes in the trends of positive to negative items can indicate the current mood of the organization.
We also recommend asking the organization at large what the top 10 issues are periodically. These top 10 community sourced issues should be reported, transparently, as part of the Executive Dashboard.
Other indicators for organizational health include:
  • Progress against Strategic Goals
  • Recruitment vs. Attrition trends
    • Are the numbers of leavers going up? What are the reasons for people leaving?
  • Independent Holistic Assessment
    • An independent analysis of organizational processes, metrics and leadership can give useful insights that may not be clear to those living in the organization day to day
  • Top level aggregations of workflow metrics, especially Lead and Cycle Time, Work Item Type Distribution and Quality Confidence.