Executive Dashboard

The Metrics and Reporting View looks at the various feedback cycles, metrics and reports in Holistic Software Development.

The Executive Dashboard is the top level report that combines reporting on progress against strategic goals, development organization health and workforce shape. Providing evidence for Business Leaders to make decisions the Executive Dashboard helps to generate “pull” throughout the organization.

We recommend creating an Executive Dashboard as a simple single page, no bigger than A3.

The Executive Dashboard should provide a balance across indicators that will generate behaviors across speed, quality, morale, cost and progress aligned with Strategic Direction.

We recommend the following are included on the Executive Dashboard on a monthly cycle:

  • Product Quality Overview incoporating customer/user feedback as well as an internal Quality Confidence based view
  • Top-level Bubble Up highlights, both positive and negative
  • RAG status against Strategic Goals based on progress on plans to meet them
  • Development Trends (aggregate workflow metrics such as Cumulative Burnup)
  • Top-level portfolio spending reports including budget spent and forecasts – Continuous Investment Review
  • An indication of current and target Workforce Shape
  • Organizational Happiness
  • Organizational Health
  • A short narrative on the current state

We recommend that the Executive Dashboard is produced monthly. Where possible reporting should be automated, although we’ve found putting a little manual care into report production helps consumption, but a monthly snapshot is still worth taking.

Remember to periodically check the Executive Dashboard against the checks we mentioned in the Metrics and Reporting View:

  • Who is reading the report or looking at the metric?
  • Are decisions based on the report/metric?
  • Do the readers consider it valuable?
  • Are positive behaviors driven by use of the metric?
  • Is the metric cost effective to capture?