About Me

I’m a lover of history, a follower of technology old and new, I love the fells of Northern England.

My professional life is almost exclusively focused on helping organisations large and small operate more effectively. I’m a coach, mentor, and a listener, thinker and sounding board for ideas. My greatest pleasure is in seeing the people I work with succeed.

I’ve spent around 25 years in the software industry, starting out as a C++ developer, subsequently during my career I’ve performed most of the roles involved in building software. For the last 20 years I’ve been driven by a desire to make software development organisations, teams and individuals more effective at what we do, this has involved everything from studying new technology and methods through to training and leading development teams.

I’ve worked in many different business sectors from energy management and distribution, finance, motor and aviation, law enforcement, to telecommunications. I’ve extensive experience in both public and private sectors and delivered training to literally hundreds of IT professionals around the world.

Having observed the evidence of the power in self-organising teams I am an advocate of agile methods, but I am also mindful of the challenges that  agile raises in large organisations as they struggle to adopt agile and reap the benefits of modern iterative methods.

I am  co-author of Holistic Software Engineering (HSE) which addresses these apparently conflicting concerns. HSE is based on my experience in this fascinating industry.
Steve Handy co-founder of Holistic Software Consulting Ltd.