HSD Authors

Mike MacDonagh
Technical Director – Holistic Software Consulting Ltd.

Known as a practical portfolio, programme, project and software expert with extensive experience in iterative and agile development in both small and very large teams backed up with deep architectural experience. Mike is one of the founders and authors of Holistic Software Development.

Mike is a developer, working in C#, Java, Javascript, Lazarus, PHP, Python and a variety of other languages.

Mike blogs on topics such as software development practices, scaling agile principles in complex team of teams projects and organizations, psychology based business change, holistic communication and many other topics.

Steve Handy
Technical Director – Holistic Software Consulting Ltd.

Steve has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years, starting out as a C++ developer, during his career has performed most of the roles involved in building software.

With wide experience in many different business sectors from energy management and distribution, finance, motor and aviation, law enforcement, to telecommunications and  extensive experience in both public and private sectors Steve is driven by a desire to help software development organisations, teams and individuals become more effective.

Having observed the evidence of the power in self-organising teams Steve is an advocate of agile methods, but is also mindful of the challenges that agile raises in large organisations as they struggle to adopt and reap the benefits of modern iterative methods.

HSD is completely independent from any other companies, individuals or groups. The copyright to HSD is held by Holistic Software Consulting Ltd.

We specialize in the application and implementation of modern business management, systems and software development practices in all types of organization large, small simple and complex. We are experts in transformational programs and the business change practices required to make your organization successful.

We work directly with clients and through our accredited partners.